When you choose to publish with 游加电竞 , your research makes an impact. Make your work accessible to all, without restrictions, and accelerate scientific discovery with options like preprints and published peer review that make your work more Open.


Choose from our several iterative business models to find the right solution for you and your authors


Monthly invoice/deposit accounts: For institutions built to handle individual author payments, our debit or monthly invoice Institutional Accounts help eliminate reimbursement protocols, consolidate author invoices, and streamline author payment communications. Discounts are available for single-debit accounts for consortia.

Flat Fees: For organizations seeking a frictionless author experience that doesn’t include managing article payments, consider supporting your authors with an annual payment for unlimited publishing or greatly reduced article transaction fees.
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Community Action Publishing: Our community-supported Open Access model for 游加电竞 Biology , 游加电竞 Medicine , and 游加电竞 Sustainability and Transformation covers the cost of highly-selective publishing by through equitable distribution amongst institutions that publish the most in those journals. But we need your help for it to work. Join our growing network of institutions creating a new generation of Open Access that is open to read, open to publish. Learn more here

Global Equity : Our new Global Equity model empowers institutions in every region of the world to provide unlimited publication support for their authors through a single, annual fee that is equitable, and affordable. Participation fees are based on each institution’s historical research output in the field and are reflective of their regional economy according to their country’s World Bank lending tier. Learn more here

Benefits of Institutional Partnership

Our various partnership models aim to make Open Access publishing more equitable and accessible to make supporting your researchers easier. 游加电竞 institutional partners benefit from custom monthly reporting, COUNTER usage data, representation in our advisory panel, easier funder compliance, and dedicated customer service.

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Publishing Terms of Service

All 游加电竞 partnership models are subject to 游加电竞 ’ Master Publishing Terms of Service . Institutions or consortia that wish to partner with us should contact us for further information.

Ensure equitable access to publishing with 游加电竞

If your organization publishes with 游加电竞 or represents organizations that do, contact us to explore options for your authors to publish in any 游加电竞 journal they choose, with more ease and efficiency.

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